About Us

About Us

Who are we?

A Bible Church in the heart of Bordeaux to glorify God, to strengthen Christians, to reach anyone and everyone with the Gospel of Christ.

  • We meet every Sunday evening at 5pm opposite the Palais Gallien as a group of 25-35 people.
  • We have weekly house groups, where we share a meal together, study God’s word and spend time in prayer.
  • We are an international English-French bilingual church in the centre of Bordeaux, France and a member of ICC Eurasia. We are also a member of the CNEF.

Our vision:

Bordeaux Church was started over Easter 2014 with the following aims:

  • To be a city centre church. Central Bordeaux has over 250 000 inhabitants and there are too few Bible teaching churches.
  • To show God’s love in Jesus Christ for all the people of the world by uniting around the good news of Jesus, and to communicate that love to all.

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